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AnyDocForm 2.0.0

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Display and edit any text, number and date items in any Notes/Domino document

Sometime Notes documents contain wrong data, and the original form doesn't allow to fix them because they are not editable, or hidden, or the document status restricts access, or even, you don't have access to the original form. Such issues can prevent opening of the document, or incorrect data type can produce erroneous computations. AnyDocForm has been designed to address this kind of issue. With AnyDocForm you can edit any text, number or date item in any Notes document, even if you don?t have the corresponding form. More, you can change the type of items, add and remove items, all by using a simple and efficient user interface. As the use of AnyDocForm bypasses the logic enforced by the Form used to create a document, the setting process allows to set the access level needed to use AnyDocForm, and even restrict editing, adding or deleting. In specific databases its use can be restricted to the owners of a specific role. AnyDocForm is shipped as a Notes Database including the setting process and help documents in English and french. In this new version, once the database have been set up and your workstation have been enabled (a one click process), you can display any Notes document opened in read mode or selected in a view or folder, by clicking a button in the Notes client toolbar and start editing text, number and date item. AnyDocForm is a Notes/Domino application intended to run on Domino servers V6, V7 and V8. It is distributed as shareware. You can download it for free. It runs in demo mode, and you can only edit the 5 first fields of each document. You can buy a registration key computed for your Domino domain (The organization part of your Domino domain name). Pasting the key in the setting process unlocks all the features

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Program Details

Released: 2008-10-01
More:All programs by this author
Downloads: 143
License Type: Shareware
Platform: Linux,Win98,WinVista,WinXP
Price: $30.00 US

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