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AresGalaxy Ultra Accelerator 3.3.0

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Ares Galaxy Ultra Accelerator is a powerful app that speeds up the Ares client.

Ares Galaxy Ultra Accelerator (AGUA) is a very helpful plug-in for file sharers using Ares Galaxy p2p client as it was developed to improve the latter's capabilities and prevent traffic jamming and sluggish downloads. AGUA is a simple solution to these huge problems common to all downloaders. With the help of current p2p technology this small application is able to make your file sharing program less vulnerable to bad connections and related issues - Ares Galaxy Ultra Accelerator has few but crucial features for the downloading process such as the optimization of the connection depending on the bandwidth you have available, automatic searching for additional sources at user-specified intervals and other. No surplus, no complicated interface with useless functions and buttons, just the essential abilities to simplify the grabbing of a file over the Internet, all with the power of a few clicks. The software also has the ability to automatically integrate to your original Ares Galaxy client which means after installation you don't have to configure the program as it does that all by itself. Ares Galaxy's key features: Increases the speed of your downloads; Clears finished and invalid files automatically; Improves search results by connecting to supplementary sources at user-specified intervals; Resumes downloads automatically; Offers very user-friendly interface with simple, well thought-out icons for each task; Saves configuration from last run automatically and auto-loads on start-up; Runs by a system tray icon; Gives you access to detailed statistics about your download process including duration of acceleration, Internet connection, profile, the number of bytes sent and received; Very low CPU consumption.

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Program Details

Released: 2015-08-31
More:All programs by this author
Downloads: 86
License Type: Freeware
Platform: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinOther,Windows 8

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