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iStateSoft Property Manager 2.5

Many successful realtors all over the World use iStateSoft Property Manager for their rental business.They benefit from an easy browser-based property management and full automation of a rental process. iStateSoft Property Manager is a must-have solution for business-minded real estate agents, who want to organize property listings and track property rents. Apart from the main function of real estate software, to publish property listings online, iStateSoft Property Manager has Availability calendar, Rates calendar, Property 360 Virtual Tours, browser-based management, automatic inquiries, Real-time credit card processor, and Drill-down reports. With iStateSoft Property Manager, real estate agents benefit from full automation of day-to-day property rental operations. It helps brokers minimize the workload and free up the time for other vital activities rather than manual management of orders, answering phone calls, and meetings with clients. The software enable real estate agents to reduce the efforts while increasing the revenue. Real estate agents can charge property owners for membership, for ?featured? spots on the start page of the web site. With iStateSoft Property Manager, property owners take full control of reservations. They collect tenants? payments right from the web site, they publish unlimited photos and 360 virtual tours, they can edit any property-related info through their account with no administrator involvement. Home owners have 24 hours presentation of their properties to potential tenants all over the World. With iStateSoft Property Manager, property tenants receive close match search results due to multiple search criteria, contact property owners directly, with no third party involvement, pay property owners? invoices right from the web site, never face double-booking problem, due to availability calendar attached to each property. Automate your property rentals business with iStateSoft Property Manager!

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Program Details

Released: 2006-08-28
More:All programs by this author
Downloads: 414
License Type: Commercial
Platform: WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003
Price: $399.95 US

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