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CommitCRM: CRM, Service and Billing for IT Pros and Computer Services Businesses

CommitCRM - CRM, Service and Billing for Small Computer Repair and Computer Services Businesses CommitCRM is an affordable CRM, Service, Dispatching, Contracts and Billing software solution designed for IT service providers who - * Provide maintenance services * Handle customer support calls and on-site visits * Sell hardware and off-the-shelf software * Perform local repairs * Manage Service Contracts and need full control over their status * Bill customers for labor, expenses and products * Track Customers' Assets - Equipment, Software, Subscriptions and more Run your computer repair business more efficiently using the CommitCRM QuickBooks Link designed to simplify routine business, accounting and financial management tasks. The CommitCRM Web Interface is employing the latest technologies that enable your employees and customers to access data in CommitCRM through a standard web browser. CommitCRM Web Interface enhances the power of the CommitCRM application by extending its reach to remote users or satellite offices anywhere via the Internet. Satisfy Customers - Your customers will receive a higher level of service as well as greater visibility into the services they have received and the associated costs Increase Productivity by dispatching the right technician to the right call, by measuring the technician's productivity, by letting remote technicians using a web browser manage their open tickets, schedules, tasks and customer information, and by reducing the number of customer "status" phone calls since they can view their status online using a web browser and log new incidents. Note: browser access requires the CommitCRM Web Interface module. Increase Revenues and Always Get Paid by controlling customers' debts and keeping track of services provided to each specific customer according to its service contract and by easily managing and analyzing all charges, including labor, expenses and parts

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Released: 2013-08-01
More:All programs by this author
Downloads: 396
License Type: Commercial
Platform: WinXP,WinVista,Windows7,Win8,WinServer
Price: $249.00 US

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