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Creating and viewing interactive dashboards with powerful analytical facilities

RadarBI is a tool kit for creating and viewing interactive dashboards with powerful analytical facilities. Make the most of RadarBI with its combination of the simple and convenient way of creating reports and the facilities for analyzing data displayed to the end user. RadarBI allows creating reports viewable both in Web and Windows environments with the use of standard charts, tables, and gauges as well as advanced OLAP controls. Creating full-function dashboards in a few minutes It will take an analyst no more than a few minutes to create and share a full-function BI dashboard from the scratch in RadarBI. Visual OLAP-analysis Unique capabilities of our OLAP-controls make the analytical facilities of RadarBI unsurpassed. OLAP options used in RadarBI include visualizing OLAP reports both as Grid and Chart, supporting different types of drilling, grouping, sorting, multiple and context filtering, color highlighting of alerts and much more. Skins & templates RadarBI supports a set of styles and templates, which makes your reports look stylish. Freely Distributed Viewer The reports created in RadarBI Designer can be viewed with a free RadarBI Viewer in web or windows applications. RadarBI Viewer can be integrated to any application, Sharepoint, DotNetNuke, etc. On-demand Access Data Mode When you work with a BI report, no excessive data is loaded into the memory of your computer or server (in case, you use a Web-solution) - only the necessary minimum of information is loaded. The simplicity of creating reports Creating reports in RadarBI does not require any special knowledge of programming languages. The only thing the designer of reports needs to be aware of is his data domain. High level of report interactivity Almost all widgets used for building RadarBI reports are interactive. For example, data in tables may be grouped, sorted and filtered; OLAP-widgets allow an end user to drill down to the data of any detailed level.

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Released: 2011-11-29
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Downloads: 69
License Type: Shareware
Platform: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows2003,WinServer
Price: $839.30 US

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